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Motif Technique

The System of Inner Creativity

The natural and well-designed cosmic application of qualities of the human character in the garment of music is called motif-technique.

Thereby, inner universal creativity is the practical mechanism through which the music creator projects his inner cognition in the outward direction and transforms it into the audible experience.

Classical Motif-Technique

When the sound creator is aware of this process in detail, and when he realizes the human faculties as the unity of his inner cognition, his inner experience, and inner hearing, then this art is called “motif-technique” in classical music creation.

The Battlefield of the Innermost Human-Qualities

The range of influence of the motif-technique is the battlefield of the inner-human: cosmic driving forces: the qualities of the sound creator, the qualities of the listener, and the cosmic qualities of man in general.

The Influence of Classical Music

The deep influence of classical music is explained by the masterful handling of that cosmic field of experience of our innermost, individual existence which constitutes our true life and which reveals itself to the listener in the music creation.

The Musical Handling of the Cosmic Forces of Life

Thus, the motif-technique is the meaningful handling – according to its own inherent laws – of our innermost cosmic impulses of life, of those elements which are closer to life than the entire outer world of earthly phenomena.