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The Manifold Shape of the Melody

The Art of Motif-Transformations

With its related forces (its deviations), the motif moves through the world of the sequences in the shape of the melody. It continuously transforms itself and appears in many forms by assuming the characteristics of related motifs. Thus, it fills the realm of the sequence with ever new life – just like a child who, at home, continually disguises itself and playfully runs through house and garden.

The Goddess of Fate of the Motif

Even if the listener recognizes the motif and its destiny, the cosmic-social nature of the sequence, which in a motherly way guides the motif, is more difficult to perceive.

But when he directs his attention from the motif to the cosmic world of the sequence, the motif appears to him in the form of the melody by expressing, one after the other, the features of related traits of character.

The Motherly Role of the Musical Sequence

In this way, the motif, while dancing through the worlds of the sequences, is always inspired by the presently ruling sequence to further enliven individual unfoldment with the help of the cosmic social laws.

The Lively Formation of the Melody

On a higher level of musical knowledge, the sequence is guided and strengthened by the universal laws of the harmony.

Hence, it can rejuvenate the individual cosmic development of the motifs – resulting in the lively structuring of the melody.

In the melody, the motif forms its individual life-path of cosmic unfoldment; therefore sometimes this or that quality is dominating – sometimes one aspect, sometimes another aspect of the motif.