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The Process of Intellectual Consideration

Feeling and Understanding on the Path of Universal Cognition

Two kinds of cognition are known to man:
  • cognizing the multiplicity by virtue of his understanding, and
  • cognizing the unity by virtue of his feeling;
  • and, in addition, the integrated form of these two paths can reveal     itself to him.
  • The Nature of Cognition through Understanding

    It is a feature of cognition on the level of our understanding that it brings us joy and enlivens us.
    If it does not do this, then it is not cognition through understanding.

    Cognition here means higher cognition – to which the listener climbs as if on steps of inner stimulation to ever greater joy.

    The increase of joy comes about because during the process of understanding we uncover ever more natural intelligence within us as we comprehend higher musical orders on our way to higher cognition.

    Greater Alertness in the Tools of Cognition of the
    Music Listener

    As this process of cognition on the level of understanding proceeds, music places our tools of cognition into a state of greater alertness because in the context of systematic development of consciousness it trains us to use more of our own intelligence – under the auspices of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, or of the Creator and Almighty Nature respectively.

    Thus, this systematic uncovering of our potential of intelligence increases the purity and functional efficiency of our cognitive organs, and the result for us, the cognizers, is a brighter radiance of the objects of knowledge of a higher musical order.

    The Natural Nourishment of our Organs of Cognition

    As we cognize higher natural orders, our inner organs of cognition register an influx of manifold nourishment, and it appears to us as if they would eat, or drink, through many mouths.

    The Nature of Cognition on the Level of the Feeling

    It is characteristic for cognition on the level of our feeling to bring us happiness and strength.
    In this case, cognition means that we climb the steps of gaining truth with our feeling.

    The increase of our sensation of happiness comes about because the objects of cognition, which we catch with our musical net of knowledge in the waters of higher cosmic orders, shine brighter and brighter the deeper we enter the true world of music.
    In this process, we release within ourselves higher and higher energies for our emotional cognition of the higher cosmic orders in the garment of music.

    So, So, as our emotional process of gaining knowledge proceeds, quite logically, we feel more and more energetic.
    This increase of energy is of benefit to us up to the field of our neurophysiology.

    The Practical Application of Energy in the
    Tools of Cognition

    And when, eventually, – in the context of further and further reaching development of consciousness – we have reached the cosmic world of harmony: the realm of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music, or of the Creator and Almighty Nature respectively, we even recognize ourselves as the natural expression of pure energy.
    At the same time, with the capabilities of our understanding, we cognize ourselves to be the natural expression of pure intelligence.